Traders in attendance at Chester Comic Con 2019


Time Travel Toys

JP Covers

Gumshoe comics & collectibles



Retro Quest

C.P. Thompson Press

Ink Kiwi


Uniquie Geekie Boutiquie

Other Dimensions

The FreeFrom Gluten Company

Mini Verses

Laser frame

Tiger lily laser and crafts

Frisson Comics

Lady Boris & Lucifer Tattoos + Cavahn Illustrations

The Game Changer

Marvel Wars

Magpie collectables

Stuff Of Kings


Going Potty with Sam

Two Broomsticks

Dog Charmed

WHO Collectibles

Alice’s Wonderland Treasures

The Draw Of The Void

Oh You Illustrate

Lyndsey Green Illustration

Haunt Your House

Loof & Timmy

Wine & Zine and Edalie

Knot Like That



Angels and Heroes


Kat Croker Art and Stuff

Ami Gift Gift

D. J. Baldock

Ace Products

Screaming Rat || Sam

Art Ninetwo Studios


Mondo Comix


You’ve got a party in me

IWG Customs

Heroes & Villains

Rebecca Baugh

The Monster Company

Team Starpunch

Maria's Bibs And Bobs

Ride a Wave Design

Lilac Stars Art

Dorcas Delights

Arcturus Wands

Geeky Nerd Toys

Goblin Wood

Captain Victory’s Vicarious Accoutrements


Hellbound Media

Gonzo Industrial

From Beyond the Grave to Beyond the Stars

Comic Book Frames UK

Bunny Boops

Neil A Webber Artist

sor thumb retro games

Pastel Sugars

Magical Emporium Limited

Retro TV Toys

Panel Pages

Best buy toyz

CCH Geek

Retro Arcade

Pearson Collectables

Glamglass Gifts

The Art of Fish

Numb thumbs comics

Talib Kadhim


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