Hello Traders!
It's not long to Chester Comic Con, so here is a quick break down of the event. Before we get started, you should have received your parking pass in your reminder email that contained the link for this page. Please make sure you print this off and bring it with you. 

Just a quick note about staff before we get started. Staff in Chester Comic Con T-Shirts will be able to help you throughout the day, event managers can be identified by their polo shirts. Chester Racecourse/Horseradish staff will be able to provide you with site information, but not event information. If in doubt, ask a Comic Con staff member, there are a lot of us.

When you arrive please make sure you inform a member of the comic con team so we can get you sorted with trader wristbands, help you to your tables and give you some bottles of water for the day. 

Site details

Please drive slowly when on the site, pedestrians are free to roam the site and thus often step out into roadways.

Please enter the site through the main gate where a parking attendant hut and signage will guide you to the parking area for the event, this is also marked on the site map. Please make sure that you bring your trader parking pass with you for access to the site. Please make yourself familiar with the emergency exits, safety information and equipment around the site and venue. You can find a site map below.


Chester Comic Con is able to offer two set up options this year:

Saturday 17th August, 12pm - 4pm: All traders can have access to the site to set up their stands for the event on Sunday. This means no rushing around to get set up the morning of the event! Just turn up before 9:30, park up and you are good to go! Chester Comic Con, Comic Co Events & Chester Racecourse cannot accept any responsibility for any stock, goods or personal items left on site at any time.

Sunday 18th August, 8am - 9:30am: All traders have access to the site to set up their stands for the event the morning of Sunday 18th from 8am. We require all traders be ready to go at 9:45am with the event doors to open at 10am for Early Bird ticket holders. 

The venue this year is the racecourse's 'Festival village' and the Pavilion. The tented village is made up of 3 sections, the entrance Leg 1, where guests will enter into the venue, Leg 2 where the guests will be signing and Leg 3, where the stage can be found. Please study the map and learn your location to make set up easier come the day of the event. 

Those traders who requested power, we have done our upmost to accommodate you and worked with he venue to try and get you all power but you will need to bring extension cables with you as plugs might not be directly next to your table. As always, the bigger the better!

Charity Auction/Cosplay Competition

Would you like to donate items towards our charity auction or cosplay competition? A great opportunity for positive exposure! Please get in touch via: contact@comiccoevents.com