Here are some of our top tips for a top day!


  1. Comfy shoes - Often overlooked but make sure you've got comfy shoes on. Those nice new bight red shoes might look good, but do you want to be in them all day? 
  2. Storage - If you plan on buying anything, a signature, an action figure, T-Shirt of comic book then is worth bringing a bag. While most retailers have bags for you, once you've got a few in your hands it can be really hard to take photos, eat things or stop your items being damaged. We like a backpack, but messengers bags work well too, bonus, it also helps the environment.
  3. Charge your phone - This is an important one, especially if your ticket is on there! Snapping photos saps juice so make sure you're fully charged and good to go.
  4. Cash - Most traders only deal in cash, while there is a cash machine on site, it can't be refilled during the day and you don't want to spend 15 minuets in the queue when you could be in a Q&A or getting a signature!
  5. Have your tickets ready - If you want to get into the venue as quick as possible have your tickets printed or the barcode ready on your screen to be scanned. Not only do you get in quicker but everyone else does too! 

Have a great day at CCC17! If you have any issues please feel free to grab a member of the comic con team who will be happy to help you out.