Our stage hosts, cosplay collective took some time out of planning cosplay activities to answer a few questions for us!

Tell me a little bit about yourself! 

We are The Cosplay Collective! We met at various cons and bonded over a mutual love of cosplay, and have become best friends in the process. 

How long have you been cosplaying?

J: Three and a half years

D: Several years

S: Just over a year

What got you into cosplay?

J: I’ve always loved fancy dress and Halloween. I went to my first convention, saw the cosplayers, and my love carried on from there. 

D: I used to make props in 2011. Originally it was a way to showcase my work, but it then grew into the obsession I have today. 

S: I’ve always wanted to cosplay since I was in high school but I never had the confidence or ability. It wasn’t until I met these two that I really started to pursue it more and see where it took me. 

Do you have a favourite cosplayer? 

J: The other two collective members, obviously. But also Matt Bellhouse. I love his clever ideas and his builds are epic. 

D: Other than the Collective members and Geek-Ta-Scale? Probably GingerSnap. She has been a huge influence in my cosplay life. 

S: My fellow collective members, Geek-Ta-Scale, GingerSnap, but also Atelier Heidi. She puts so much hard work and effort in, and even makes youtube videos of her process. I learn a lot from her. 

Out of all your cosplays, which is your favourite?

J: Baymax. It’s a love/hate relationship, but I love the reactions I get, and I love the character. 

D: Possibly Nite Owl from Watchmen

S: Samara from The Ring. I love the scared reactions it gets from people. 

What do you love most about cosplaying?

J: The reactions. Whether it’s kid’s faces or people shouting tag lines. 

D: Seeing a kid’s face light up when they see their favourite hero. 

S: Seeing smiles on people’s faces and them asking for a picture.  

What are your current cosplay projects? 

J: My next big build is Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas

D: I’m currently working on a number of projects but my main focus is on Wheatley from Portal 2

S: I have a few in mind, but the next big one is Etta Candy from Wonder Woman. Oh, and the dwarf Dagna from Dragon Age: Inquisition.