Chester Comic Con 2017 is proud to present 3 more guests for CCC17!

Gary Whitlock.jpg

Gary Whitlock

Back by popular demand! Gary has worked on The Beano penning our national favourite Dennis the Menace. He has also worked along David Lloyd(V for Vendetta) on the multi award winning digital comic Aces Weekly. Gary will be sketching throughout the day and will be available for commissions. 

Joe Matthews.jpg

Joe Matthews

Joe is a comic creator and artist who made his start on The Beano working on ‘Ivy The Terrible’, ‘Ball Boy’ and ‘Billy Whizz’ throughout the 80s. Joe then went to work on the classic Warner Bros, ‘Tom and Jerry’ series and the BBC's children series 'Bob The Builder'. More recently he created the comic series, 'Funny Monsters' and last year produced his own adaptation of Charles Dickens classic literary tale, ‘A Christmas Carol’, with writer and creator David McCluskey. 

Peter McKeirnon

Peter Mckeirnon

Peter is a bestselling author, screenwriter and director, known for the Death in a Northern Town book series, Justice is Red: Dawn of Red Eye and the critically acclaimed horror comedy Youtube sitcom, Dead Town.