Geek-Ta-Scale will be helping with the stage at Chester Comic Con 2017. We thought we would ask them a few questions about their time cosplaying!

How Long have you been cosplaying?
We've been cosplaying as a group a little over one year now and for pretty much all of us these were our first cosplays! We have affiliations and friendships with some remarkable cosplayers who have been going for years and it completely shows in their work!

What got you into cosplay?
We're all geeks and it's something we wanted to do for years but needed an excuse! For Aimee, her friend invited her along to a convention which was brilliant as she'd always wanted an excuse to go and cosplay. For Stephen and Chris, they are work friends, who as all big nerds do, talked about going to a con. We all met at one con and here we are, a year on!

Do you have a favourite cosplayer?
Aimee: For me, all my friends inspire me greatly for different reasons. Cosplay turnover time, creativity, how they act in character, it's all so amazing to watch. I do admire loads of people on instagram too I'd love to meet so many in person but I single out just one!

Stephen: Aimee is mine, I am lucky enough to develop a friendship with her and her creativity and passion for getting it right is what inspires me. She makes me want to be a better cosplayer. 

Chris: It’s all about the friends and spending time together on build nights so I would say my friends too.

Which is your favourite cosplay?
Aimee: So tricky! But I may have to go with Wonder Woman as I love her character and it was my first armour build. Ciri from the Witcher is the closest second of all time!

Stephen: Superman for me, both versions I love and you cant help but feel powerful with that swoosh of the cape.

Chris: Has to be Judge Dredd for me! 

What do you love most about cosplaying?
We all have to agree it's the chance of escapism. Learning new skills, making an impact where possible. We love doing charity events, children's entertainent. We want to make people smile at the end of the day. Whether it's from acting like their favourite hero, or goofing around and just having fun and trying to not take ourselves too seriously. 

What are your current projects?
Well we have a couple of cons coming up, we have a huge Game of Thrones group planned for Birmingham MCM and Ultra Con. We're almost done on our costumes and are going along side some incredible friends/cosplayers to hopefully bring the house down! In terms of new costumes, we have a few wishlists but nothing set in stone as of yet but we tend to pick and build pretty quickly.

Thanks very much guys for taking the time to answer these questions! Keep an eye out for another interview later in the week with The Cosplay Collective and our surprise cosplay guest announcement tomorrow! You can meet Geek-Ta-Scale and many more guests at CCC17!