Chester Comic Con is extremely pleased to announce 2 more guests, taking out total count to 16 guests! 

If you haven't picked up your ticket yet, now is the time. Pre-sale tickets at £7 end on the 23th with entrance then available on the day (if there is any space left!) costing £9. Get them while you can. 

On to our guests...

John Wagner

John is most notable for co-creating 2000AD's Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog. John's career has seen in working on war stories, 2000AD, Marvel, DC and Dark Horse titles including Batman, Aliens and Star Wars. John has had adaptions of his work in TV and film including 'The Bogie Man', 'Judge Dredd' staring Sylvester Stallone and in 2005 'A History of Violence' was adapted from the original graphic novel and the fan favourite 'Dredd' staring Karl Urban hit screens in 2012 and quickly attained a cult following.

Ryan Hall

Ryan is a fantastic artist that has had exhibitions of his work internationally. Ryan's work is on permanent display at the Star Wars Rancho Obi Wan in CA! Over the past years he has put on workshops across the UK in papercraft toy making. His illustration work as been features on covers of Doctor Who and in publications such as Star Wars Insider as well as creating covers for the upcoming Doctor Who comic by Titan.