As Chester Comic Con draws near, we will have a few last surprises up our sleeves! Let's start with 4 more guests! 

Murti Schofield

Murti Schofield is writer and computer artist who has collaborated int some amazing things. The original BFG, Count Duckula and The Tomb Raider franchise. He has also penned his own six novel series, The Shadow Histories. 

Fintan McKeown

Fintan had featured in some great TV shows. Atlantis, Merlin and Games of Thrones to name only a few. He has also starred in Hollyoaks and Star Trek: Voyager Click here to see the full extent of his work.

Josephine Gillan

Josephine is a model, singer, dancer and actress but is best known for her role as Marei in HBO's blockbuster series Game of Thrones. Take a look at her other work here.

James Callaghan

James is a sound designer who has worked on the likes of Doctor Who audio dramas and Companion Chronicles Series. He owns his own fully equipped studio in the West Midlands.